Preferred Filesharing Registry

Preferred Filesharing Registry

This list reflects the best fileshare sites that are HIGHLY respectful of copyright infringement and who are VERY responsive to takedown requests. It seems unlikely that Stop Web Pirates would compile such a list and make it available. However, we recognize that correct use of filesharing technology fills a need and if you are going to use such services, we would like to recommend the following file sharing sites.

NOTE, the list is not in order of preference. The order is basically in the order of how we compiled it based on our experience. It is not something that you can submit for but eventually, if your file-sharing website has good manners, we will recognize you by adding you to this list.

Also, we want to say “thank you” to these fileshare sites that are so responsive to our requests to remove copyrighted materials. This includes file sharing websites, torrents, P2Ps, free downloading, etc.

The Following File-Sharing Sites Have Earned “Preferred” Status