How Our Anti-Piracy Service Works

Stop Web Pirates will scour the internet to find websites that post your copyrighted material and get them to take it down. These websites might either be giving your material away for free or be charging money for it and never paying you. In either case, you earnings will be drastically reduced until you get a handle on this.

Process of Getting Your Material Removed

Our sophisticated tracking and follow-up system will average 4 takedowns per title, per month (if necessary.) All the work is done by our competent team of trained experts who work hard on your behalf. Every step of the process is done manually. There is nothing automated. If you have 1000s 0f infractions, this obviously will take some time, but you can see that over the long run, we will be able to help you gain control over your copyrighted material and thereby bring back your livelihood.

(The above refers to our basic service rate. If you need more infractions taken down per month, we have additional pricing options.)

Monthly Subscription

Our service is based on a monthly subscription via PayPal. The reason a monthly service is better than a one-time fee is that you know once the offending website has taken down your copyrighted material, it will soon be back up again on another website. Stop Web Pirates will help you to maintain control of your copyrighted materials on an ongoing basis. It gives you the security of a “set and forget” feeling. This means that we work for you each month, in the background, maintaining the integrity of your copyrights while you can continue creating and not having to worry about this yourself!

Here is what we will actually do for EACH title you hire us to protect:

  1. Identify and track offending websites
  2. Contact them and request that they take down the material
  3. Follow up to make sure that it has been done
  4. Keep a tally of our successes and report this to you each month

Please see our pricing information.